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Car Seat Safety

Information about the current car seat installation and guides


A one stop site for information on diseases and conditions, travel vaccinations, healthy living, emergency preparedness, injury prevention & safety, environmental safety, and the latest updates affecting public health.

Healthy Children- American Academy of Pediatrics

The only parenting Web site backed by 60,000 pediatricians committed to the attainment of optimal physical, mental, and social health and well-being for all infants, children, adolescents, and young adults.

Kid's Health

KidsHealth is the most-visited site on the Web for information about health, behavior, and development from before birth through the teen years. One of the things that makes KidsHealth special is that it's really three sites in one: with sections for parents, for kids, and for teens.

Vaccine Education Center

A great website to learn about the benefits of vaccines. The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia is one of the top Children’s Hospitals in the U.S. and provides a detailed look at every vaccine on the market including information on safety and other frequently asked questions.

Vaccine Information Handouts

Vaccine Information Statements (VISs) are information sheets produced by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that explain to vaccine recipients, their parents,  both the benefits and risks of a vaccine.

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